Aparna Traders Blog http://www.aparnatraders.in/blog/ Latest Products Fri, 01 Mar 2024 03:06:44 +0530 en-us http://www.aparnatraders.in Metal Fashion Earrings Exporter http://www.aparnatraders.in/blog/metal-fashion-earrings-exporter_5243.htm Fri, 15 May 2015 17:10:15 +0530 The pairing of the right accessories with the right outfit is a tough job. Most woman struggle with jewelry or scarfs for a long time and still are not satisfied with the final result. But, with a few simple techniques, you can wear these comfortably and with less wastage of time. There are quite many pieces of jewelry like Designer Ladies Earrings available in the market that look beautiful in a variety of dresses. Even scarves, if used correctly, can give you a confident and refined look. Here are some tips on how to maintain a fresh and beautiful look by using jewelry and scarves.   Jewelry The most important step is to obtain some jewelry. There are many companies like <a href="http://www.aparnatraders.in/fashion-earrings.htm"><b>Ladies Metal Earrings Exporters</b></a> that provide some great range of earrings to wear in multiple functions and occasions. Wearing the same jewelry everyday can present a bland look for you. So have multiple pieces that you can mix ‘n’ match in every few days. The whole point of accessorizing is that it should be versatile and looks lenient and beautiful on multiple kinds of dress. The jewelry should be wore in such a way that it looks subtle and complement the dress and yet is an eye catcher. Wearing a jewelry that is too loud or noisy can be distracting for the person talking to you.    Scarves Scarves are not just piece of clothes to wear during winters. If worn properly, they look really beautiful and dignified. But many women don’t know how to tie or accessories the scarf with outfits. So, before buying a scarf, particular consideration should be given on what kind of dress it should be wore with. One kind of scarf may look good on somebody, but not on some other person, so don’t buy them because it looks good on other, buy because it looks good on you. There are also many tutorials available which show how to knot a scarf in a variety of cool ways.    Making a statement with scarves and jewelry is a new trend and the looks that is presented because of it can make you look extremely graceful. But caution should be taken not to wear a scarf and jewelry together as it can be distracting, or at least one of them should be subtle not to clash with the design. Metal Fashion Earrings Exporter provide some great and beautiful designs that not only manages to stay classy with your outfit but also brings out the good side of you. Metal Bangles: An Integral Accessory of Women http://www.aparnatraders.in/blog/metal-bangles-an-integral-accessory-of-women_5244.htm Fri, 15 May 2015 17:13:57 +0530 Ornaments have been an essential part of women’s life since the ancient times. Women symbolize beauty and jewellery play an important role in beautifying women. Bangles are one such piece of jewellery that has been worn for ages along with the other types of jewellery. Bangles are basically a traditional form of jewellery that was mostly worn by the women in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. But with the passage of time bangles are now worn by women in many other countries every now and then as a new form of fashion statement. Various types of materials are used in the manufacture of bangles such as glass, gold, metal, plastic, rubber, silver, wood, etc.   Some Facts about Bangles Bangles are basically circular in shape and rigid in structure.  Bangles are available in different types of materials in the market. They are available in expensive materials such as gold, silver, platinum, etc. On the other hand they are also available in cheap and elegant designs of glass, wood, and metal.  Bangles are worn extensively by Indian women on special occasions such as marriages and festivals. They are usually worn in pairs in both hands and the most popular materials are gold and glass.  Bangles can be custom made and handmade, but these type of bangles are little bit expensive. Jewelers can make intricate designs according to the specifications provided to them. Bangles are also available in imitation of precious metals.  There are basically two types of bangles and they are solid cylinder type and split, cylindrical type that can be opened and closed. They are made in different types of materials.  The price of the bangles is determined by the art work done on them. The more intricate or custom made they are, the more expensive they get. The handicraft done on bangles includes any kind of embroidery, paintings, etc. The uniqueness and the rarity of the color used in the bangles also determine their value.  The designs and use of bangles have evolved a lot as today they are worn by people around the world as a part of their fashion. There are different types and designs of bangles for different occasions.    In many cultures bangles are considered to be an auspicious ornament. In the Hindu society, married women widely adorn their wrist with different types of bangles. There are some Metal Bangles Suppliers in India who are prominent in the market. <a href="http://www.aparnatraders.in/metal-bangles.htm"></b>Ladies Metal Bangles</b></a> Suppliers and Bangles Exporters from India are known worldwide for their designs and durability. The rice exporters in India reach the pinnacle in rice exports http://www.aparnatraders.in/blog/the-rice-exporters-in-india-reach-the-pinnacle-in-rice-exports_5436.htm Thu, 02 Jul 2015 15:20:35 +0530 In the past 5 decades, India from a food deficit has now transformed into one of the major grain exporters around the world. Within the grains, the largest success was observed in the basmati rice industry. Various indigenous and exotic varieties of rice are now grown in India. This is having a direct impact on the overall profit of the rice exporters.   The rice exporters in India are supplying varieties of rice grain all over the world. Before 1990, Pakistan was dominating the world basmati market but with the rapid development of processing, milling and packaging during Green revolution, India has managed to occupy the top rank. The Indian varieties of rice are not just good in taste but are also highly nutritious and rich in aroma. The government spends billions of dollars for providing optimum support to the agriculture sector. The major share of the country’s GDP and GNP is also contributed by the agricultural sector. Various subsidies and support policies are launched by the government that provide maximum benefits to the farmers and suppliers. The beautiful aroma, the softness, color, nutrition level and size of the rice varieties found in India are just phenomenal.   More about Rice exporters in India: The rice exporters keep a regular check on the quality. All the processes are in line with the global standards and norms. The grain is processed under hygienic conditions. This helps in achieving high quality rice, which retains the aroma, enhances the flavor and keeps the optimum value of the rice for a longer period of time. Modern machines are used for the packaging of the grains carefully, which assures the nutrition, and essential vitamins get locked for a longer time. The manufacturer and exporters strictly follow the multi stage quality control system. Right from the selection of raw material up to its cleaning, grading, polishing, packaging, storage and shipping, everything is done under the supervision of the experts. Varieties of Rice in India: Indian rice exporters have created a strong global presence with their superior quality of rice and rice products. The rice exported from India is of impeccable nutrition value and finest quality. The aromatic long grain rice from India is rich in aroma and nutty in flavor. They are an excellent source of folate, thiamin, iron and niacin. White rice, brown rice, medium grain rice, short-grain rice, Arboria rice, Della rice, converted rice, instant rice and enriched rice are some of the popular varieties.